Optimism, Also Angels || Finchel
Rachel Berry
The game didn’t go as well as anybody hoped.  Yes, the Titans scored once but at the end of the game it was the Rams that cheered while McKinley sulked.  Finn had looked so defeated as he walked off the field and Rachel remembered how his head slumped as she tried to imagine what he must have been feeling.  He had been so psyched about the game but it was true what Quinn said about the Rams being a good team.  Even without completely knowing what was going on Rachel could still infer from the crowd that they had a fabulous offense as well as defense.  The crowd buzzed about how nobody was going for it but in a minute they contradicted themselves and complained about the lack of defense.  Between looking at the peanut gallery around her and the Quarterback she felt herself go dizzy.  All she wanted was for Finn to feel good about himself and the game was just not on her side.  So when most of the stands emptied out she waited, texting Finn to ask if he still wanted to come.  She didn’t want him to still feel obligated, no matter how much she still wanted to sleep over.  
Rachel pulled her purse over her shoulder as he texted her that he’d be by her car and carefully stepped down the benches.  She tugged her coat tighter around her in the cold of the April night and cursed the wind the whole way to her car.  Immediately she saw the tall boy leaning against her car and she couldn’t help the smile that broke out on her face.  She looked around to make sure that they were alone and she tugged the hood of her jacket over her face just to avoid and suspicious in case someone did see.  Rachel walked to Finn and gave him a soft smile before walking to her side of the car, squeezing his hand gently on her way around him.  She moved into the car and unlocked it for Finn to get in.  Once they were all buckled in she turned on the car and backed out of the teacher’s parking lot to head down the main road.  
When they pulled into her driveway she opened her door and climbed out, walking quickly to the door to ensure that no one would see them together.  As they went inside she closed the door behind them and finally let herself hug Finn, going on her toes to wrap he arms around his neck.  She sighed happily and closed her eyes, “I know you’re probably upset about the game but you were amazing tonight, Finn.  They wouldn’t have even gotten one…goal is it? If it weren’t for you.”  Rachel pulled back from him and gave him another smile, “Don’t be discouraged.  You never gave up and the scouts will love to hear about how you don’t ever give up.  They’ll be beating down your door any day now.”  She hugged him again, hoping that he understood just how much she meant her words.
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